• Andrew Winfield

Choosing The best Engagement Ring

A proposal will not be complete without an engagement ring. It’s full of symbolism, most notably of your love and commitment, so you want to get the perfect one for your girlfriend. It’s a necessary and expensive purchase, so here are some tips you must consider when choosing the best engagement ring:

1. It’s all about her

There are many pretty engagement rings to choose from, and you may be carried away by the diamonds they contain. What you should remember is the person who will wear it for life. Think about her style and personality, and it will be easier for you to find the right ring for her.

2. Find out what she likes

Ask her best friend or sisters if they have an idea about what your girlfriend likes to wear. You can also look at her current jewellery collections and fashion sense, and get an engagement ring that matches them.

3. Know her size

You don’t want to ruin the proposal when the ring will not fit on her finger after she said yes to your proposal, as that would be a total mood killer. Before you go on your quest to finding an engagement ring design, know your girlfriend’s finger size.

However, how do you measure her finger size without her finding out about your plans? It’s tricky, but there are ways. One, you can ask her friends to check her size for you discreetly. You can also try to get one ring she wears and use a ring sizer app to measure the size. Alternatively, you can make a smart estimate on the size. Make sure that it can be adjusted later or exchanged for the correct size ring.

4. Buy the best ring for your budget

An engagement ring will be exposed to wear and tear because your girlfriend will wear it every day, forever. Buy the best ring you can get for your budget. Look for the best quality, but don’t go overboard with the spending. Consider what you are willing to spend for an iPhone or a car, and go from there.