• Andrew Winfield

Antique and Bespoke Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are popular among many brides, not only because they look old and appealing, but they have a high value as well. When used, they can create a sentimental and romantic feel. Let’s explore some aspects of antique engagement rings. Here’s what you should know about having and wearing one.

Antique Diamond Ring

They are highly coveted due to their unique look and timeless beauty. When it comes to style

and design, opt for the antique ones. They remain to be the most attractive options for

engagement rings as compared to cheaply made rings found in many jewellery stores today.

Although they are in demand, they are hard to find – much more if you are looking for a specific style or design.

The Lack of Durability of Antique Engagement Rings

One disadvantage of antique engagement rings is that it lacks durability. Expect some wear and damage in antique rings that have been passed down from one generation to another. In fact, there are even some rings with missing diamonds. If not missing, these diamonds may be

unstably mounted, worn out, or damaged. If you aren’t careful about wearing a ring, the

diamond might get detached and lost over time.

In many cases, ageing antique engagement rings need some restoration to get them looking

brilliant again and be more durable. This is one option that you can choose when you’ve found an antique engagement ring. Another option is to create an entirely new ring and integrate the design elements of the past. Newer models are usually re-created to look the same, but they are built stronger and more dur