• Andrew Winfield

Our Tips on caring for your precious Jewellery

Pieces of jewellery are precious and sentimental. They serve many purposes. First, you can use them as accessories for fashion and styling. Second, they can be worn during special occasions (such as formal events) to augment your appearance. Third, they’re an investment, and you can sell them in the future should you decide to.

If you own any Irish jewellery, you’ll want to take good care of them and do whatever it takes to make them last a lifetime. All it takes is regular cleaning and maintenance. You should also know how to wear them properly, and you should know how and where to store them.

Clueless on how to proceed? Here are top tips on how to take care of your Irish jewellery, whether they’re made of gold, silver, diamonds, or other gemstones:

General Jewellery Cleaning

When it comes to general cleaning of your jewellery, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow. As a general rule, use lukewarm, mild soapy water and a soft sponge in order to avoid scratching your jewellery when you clean it.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or anything abrasive on your jewellery. Lastly, it is very unhygienic to cook with rings on your fingers. Now, if the item has diamonds or gemstones, the best way to have it cleaned is to bring it to a professional who specialises in jewellery cleaning.

Wearing Jewellery

When it comes to wearing your jewellery you should when you can do so and when you should just leave your favourite pieces at home. If you’re doing any manual labour, it would be wise to do the latter. Chances are physical activities may scratch and wear down your ring. The same is true if and when you’re going for a swim in the sea. Leave it at home as the saltwater may be abrasive to your item, particularly if it’s silver or gold-plated.

Get into the habit of removing the item whenever you bathe or shower, when you’re sleeping, or when you’re cleaning. Also, be wary of chlorine as it can tarnish your jewellery and strip it of its plating.