A Brief History of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has been in use since the heyday of ancient Egypt, and as such it has a rich history in terms of its origins, use, and relevance in older culture. However, as time goes by and more gemstones (such as the diamond) gain relevance, tourmaline sort of faded into the background. That means that people ended up forgetting about it or they don’t even know of it at all.

The colourful history of tourmaline

The story behind tourmaline is rather beautiful, and it was narrated by pharaohs and Egyptian scholars alike. According to legend, tourmaline gemstones gained their trademark colour when they broke through a rainbow while rising up through the Earth. With a colourful story like that behind it, some say that tourmaline is far more than a gemstone, and is actually a rainbow fragment. That’s a great story to tell your kids someday!

Long after the ancient Egyptians discovered and praised tourmaline, the Spanish conquistadors found the breathtaking gemstone in Brazil after exploring the land in the 1500s. But the lack of proper research caused them to confuse it with the common emerald. By the 1800s, geologists and researchers finally determined the distinguishing characteristics of tourmaline and formally gave it a proper classification to be written down in history and in scienti